It is gospel music that aims to inspire, motivate, and urge individuals to be the best they can be.

Music with a mission! A voice, a heart, and a soul that goes above and beyond the standard in the musical environment.
Music that touches and changes people's hearts by reaching out to the lost, wounded, and fallen with a message of love and hope. It also inspires individuals to live their Godly dreams with bravery.

Psalms are pieces of music that tap into two emotions: hope and love, often through worship and thanksgiving. I hope to see a world where there is harmony and peace, as well as love for all people - no exceptions.

Psalms bring out the romance in every one of us, from the depths of our spirit. They are tributes to everlasting love, a love  that will never fade or die. This type of love is good for the soul.
Believer - Wife- Psalmist- Mother

Cassie Lynn Kelly was drawn to music at an early age. She would often turn down TV in lieu of retreating to her room and her boom box. Music carried her through many tough times in life. Most people will agree that the right tune can lift one's spirit, ease pain or even soothe one to sleep.

It wasn't until later in life that she realized that her quiet time with music and Abba Yah had birthed the ability to write what her husband Michael calls "Psalms".  Although, others may call them poems or even songs.

Michael's support and encouragement gave Cassie the courage to publicly share what was birthed out of her intimacy with The Most High Yah, in her unique way. Michael is her biggest fan and also the producer and composer of each song.

The mood and style changes from tune to tune, and just like life, they are not perfect. However, each track is real, intimate and from the heart. So crank up the volume in your car, or better yet, put your ear buds in, sit back, close your eyes and allow Cassie Lynn Kelly to take you on your unique journey.


Releasing inspiring and influential music, with authenticity in every lyric.
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Cassie Lynn Muzik is focused on offering inspiring and uplifting music that will help restore hope and bring peace, understanding, and comfort to the spirit and soul. Anyone at anytime can be made whole again through this musical remedy to our hearts.
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